Thanks to Robert Herzog, a German translation of the IR interpretation guide is now available.  The PDF is available here.


The to-do list in the upcoming weeks doesn’t involve any other instructional chemistry spreads (sorry).  I’ve a paper that I should really spend time on; there’s several history infographics that I started a few days ago; 3 pages on olfaction; the Pictorial Thesis; the S America trip; history of lipids.  And a narrative comic.  And a poster of balloon-repertoire… argh!  

On the learning side, I’ve been doing lots of anatomy books, and trying to work out a workflow to partially automate the production of a bank of vector graphics.  The goal is to seed a large repository of 10k high-quality vector images pertaining to chemistry which can be easily used by everyone via ChemDraw/ChemDoodles/Powerpoint etc (“Open Chem Art”).  No cigars so far.

Relating to chemistry: I went to my first symposium in Hong Kong today, organized by a govn’ established nanotech company and industry groups.  I marveled at how product-driven the work over this side is (this side of the Pacific, and the academic-industry divide): almost everything (is made to?) seem like it’s about to be incorporated in a commercial product.  The talks themselves flip back and forth between Mandarin, Cantonese, and English, and everyone seems to understand all the languages perfectly.  I enjoyed the symposium thoroughly, and should find out if the local universities open up their seminars to the public.